Susan B. Anthony's typewriter

I combine a wide knowledge base, deep curiosity, and excellent research skills with a finely honed sense of language — qualities that have allowed me happily and successfully to undertake writing assignments ranging from a magazine article about Buddhist nuns, to educational pamphlets for nationwide distribution to veterans, to informational material for families with babies in neonatal intensive care. I have edited complex multi-author documents, and website content for small businesses.  My portfolio includes feature articles, educational resources, and marketing materials for both print and the web; my client list includes non-profit organizations, health care providers, businesses, universities, and foundations.

Particularly skilled at interviewing, I am comfortable talking with — and writing about — everyone from nationally recognized subject matter experts explaining their latest research to elders narrating their life stories.  Much as I love a relaxed, wide-ranging conversation,  as a writer and editor I follow this rule: Every word should be in a manuscript or on a website for a reason. My goal is always to find the right words, and put them in the best order.





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