Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 8.33.20 PM  Fashion Forward
From the woman who is said to have invented the brassiere way back when, to a more recent grad who is exploring individualized and sustainable clothing manufacturing through the use of 3D printing, a significant number of alums from Choate Rosemary Hall have put their stamp on the world of fashion and style.

  Confronting cancer
Profiled here are eleven members of our school community: seven professionals in medicine, research, and education; and four volunteers with organizations that support patients and families. All are working towards the day when cancer confronted has become cancer conquered.

  Clothing with a story
She thought that her career path lay in the theater. “But one day,” says Alix Verley Pietrafesa, “I realized that, to act professionally, you have to audition and wait for someone to hire you. And I never wanted to be in a position where I have to rely on someone else in order to do my work.”

  Jewelry that endures
For a little girl who loved beading and jewelry….what better artist to write about for an elementary school art class report than Frida Kahlo?

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 4.11.06 PM  A focus on food
Across the generations, alumnae of Sacred Heart Academy (Hamden, CT) are involved in all aspects of the wide world of food, from growing organic salad greens, to catering dinners for a hundred guests, to helping run nonprofits that feeds the hungry.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 3.21.54 PM  Two new leaders at Yale’s Slifka Center for Jewish Life
The Slifka Center is home to Yale Hillel, the university’s chapter of the world’s largest Jewish campus organization.

JoAnne Epps    Law school dean embraces community
Before becoming dean of Temple University Law School, JoAnne Epps had helped train Sudanese lawyers representing victims of the Darfur crisis, taught jury trial advocacy to members of the Japanese Bar Association, taught advocacy skills to prosecutors at the UN’s ICTR (International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda) in Tanzania, and given courses in advocacy to lawyers from the Beijing Supreme People’s Procuratorate (the Chinese prosecutor’s office).

Mitzel    Dean of faculty comes home
A book-loving kid from South Dakota became a beloved professor of chemistry, and then a dean with a vision of the importance of both the arts and the sciences.

Fulbright scholar    Fulbright scholar explores food as medicine
The sweet, purple maqui berry grows wild throughout central and southern Chile and parts of Argentina. Used for generations by the Mapuche people of that area as both a food source and as a treatment for pain and inflammation, it is now being marketed as a South American “superfruit.” Evidence shows, says Jessica Cote, that that description may not be hyperbole.

Bryan Radosavcev    Diagnostic detective
You may think you understand what goes on in a pathology laboratory from watching crime dramas and cop shows. But pathologist assistant Bryan Radosavcev wants you to know how the pathology lab really works.